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LCD Thermostat WSK-8D

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Be suitable in the temperature control for central air-condition blower tube, the motorized valve, the motorized wind valve and the tuyere.
·Basic function: Automatic wind speed, fuzzy control; Manual wind speed; Fixed time tum on / off. Intelligence self-study chinese and english
                                surface; Automatically judges coldly/hot condition; poor light illumination.
·Selective function: Different antomatically opens with the main engine linkage realization main engine stops; lnfrared remote control; on-duty
                                      temperature. Low temperature
·Adjusts the warm: 5oC-32oC
·Display: 0oC-35oC
·Control precision: ±0.5oC
·Electric appliance parameter:  220VAC±10%TH, 50/60Hz

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