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This device is almost suitable for all types air conditioner by
adopting high-quality, super regulated micro computer silicon
chip made by Mitsubishi. The functions include the following:
·temperature control
·time control
·dehumidification control
·cool-warm control
·wind force control
·automatic inspection
·forced emergency start
·delay protection for compressor
Installing and Use
·study the diagrammatic sketch carefully before installing
·connect wires instructed in the diagrammatic sketch
·the functions of the buttons and the use of the remote
   controller are introduced in the diagrammatic sketch
Points for attention
·use two size-7 batteries in the remote controller
·pay attention to the polarity of the batteries
·remove the batteries if not used for a long period of time
·keep away form collision, dust and hot objects
·keep dry
·Broke diagnose display explain

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